“Our campaign is built off the support of so many leaders, labor unions, and organizations whose support Betty is proud to have. Together we will continue to fight for our values and move Phoenix forward.” – Betty

Former Phoenix Mayors Phil Gordon and Paul Johnson Support Betty Guardado’s Re-Election

Arizona State House Minority Whip, Representative Athena Salman

“Betty Guardado is the best candidate for Phoenix City Council in District 5. In the almost decade that I’ve known Betty, I’ve seen her tirelessly and unapologetically fight for working families throughout the city, literally going toe to toe with some of the largest corporations in the world. In my experience as an organizer and state legislator, I’ve seen firsthand how the qualities embodied by Betty are crucial to having elected officials who will stand consistently for the needs of their constituents over the needs of billionaire sports owners and other wealthy people.

Having lived in Maryvale for over ten years, there is no one with more experience, passion and tenacity than Betty who will fight harder and demand more for district 5 families. 

For these reasons and many more, I am proud to endorse Vice Mayor Betty Guardado for re-election to the Phoenix City Council.”

Labor Unions

More Endorsers

State Senator Martin Quezada

State Senator Juan Mendez

State Representative Raquel Teran

State Representative Reginald Bolding

Phoenix City Councilmember Carlos Garcia