From the minute she was elected to represent you on Phoenix’s City Council, Betty got to work to make our City a place where all can live and thrive. Read more below to see how Betty has spent her first months on Council bringing people together and moving our community forward.

COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Our community is facing an unprecedented and challenging time and you can trust that Betty is fighting for you. Realizing both the health and economic impacts this pandemic would have on our working families, Betty collaborated with her colleagues to ensure funds were quickly available for those in need.

These funds include utility and rental assistance, small business grants, worker protective gear, increased safety standards, and our newly established Mobile Testing Van – made possible through partnerships with Vincere Cancer Center.

Betty will continue to be a champion for more direct funds to be allocated to Phoenix residents during these difficult times and to ensure we continue growing public/private partnerships to better serve our community.

Paving our Streets and Focusing on Transportation

Betty promised to keep a laser focus on repaving our streets which is why she immediately joined the Transportation, Infrastructure, & Innovation Council Subcommittee. As a member of the Sub-Committee she has ensured that the T2050 Pavement Maintenance Plan has been aggressively implemented in District 5. Since Betty took office over 70 miles of mill and overlay work, 45 miles of preservation treatment, 100 miles of crack seal, and 785 ADA ramps have been implemented throughout District 5.

Betty’s work has not stopped there. Phoenix was built during the true boom of the automobile and therefore was planned with cars in mind, not pedestrians. This has led us to become one of the most dangerous cities in the nation to be a pedestrian and that is not acceptable. As a member of the Public Safety & Justice subcommittee I will continue to push for the Vision Zero concept as our ultimate goal, which I believe is a strong tool for pedestrian safety that the City Council should incorporate into a strategy for addressing pedestrian fatalities.

Cleaning Our Neighborhoods

Shortly after being elected Betty got to work for us by working with community leaders to organize neighborhood cleanups across the district. Partnering with community leaders, Betty is working with our neighborhoods to take ownership of their community and to clean up our neglected alleyways.

This has been made possible through collaboration between Phoenix’s Public Works Department, Streets & Transportation, and neighborhood associations across the district. In response to the community they have reduced illegal dumping and closed thousands of cases addressing blight, graffiti, and trash.

Additionally, Betty championed the expansion of the Gated Alley Pilot Program to some of our neighborhoods most in need of increased alley security.

Responsible Development

Our district is in need of economic development that suits the needs of our diverse community – not another fast food restaurant or car wash. That’s why Betty is working to bring projects to provide additional nutritional and shopping options.

This year she worked in partnership with 19North and the economic development department to bring new affordable dining options to the 19North Corridor and continues working to promote small businesses in the area.

To the West of there she has worked diligently with the Violence Impact Project and neighborhood leaders to revitalize the old K-Mart Center at 27th Ave and Northern. By the end of 2020, she is confident that we will have a project that is a blend of education, food innovation, and entrepreneurial incubation that will serve the area for years to come.

Throughout Maryvale Betty has been working to increase curb appeal with beautification efforts in an effort to create vibrant and connected commercial spaces.

Creating Housing for Working Families

All families deserve a nice home they can afford, Betty is working hard to ensure our first-time home buyers can access resources to make that a reality. She has also worked to expand the Housing for Veterans program in our district because no one who served our country should be on the street. Watch below to see Betty’s advocacy for affordable housing in action.

Activating Our Parks

From Dust Devil to Solano Park and everything between Betty has been working on a comprehensive plan for our parks. It is critical when we look at activation and community investment that we start with safe spaces for our families.

Earlier this year we completed an art installation at Dust Devil Park. We have new playground equipment in West Plaza and additional renovations coming soon in Washington Park. This fall we will launch a steering committee for Little Canyon Park and are working with stakeholders on a long-term plan for Solano – including the school district, YMCA, and private investment. We have done additional renovations at Starlight, La Pradera, Mariposa, and Holiday.

This is just scratching the surface on additional investment secured by Betty this year for parks throughout District 5. She is committed to continue working with the community, our parks board, and partnerships with our school districts to identify additional opportunities for activation. As a member of the Land Use & Livability subcommittee Betty has and will use her direct influence to continue pushing for greater investments in open spaces for all to enjoy.

Betty’s Results in the News

Phoenix’s Vice Mayor Betty Guardado and Red Mountain Retail Group teamed up to raise funds to support getting food to families in need. FastLap Xpress Car Wash will begin donating a portion of each carwash to support the efforts of St. Mary’s Food Bank — from August 12 to September 5.

“Our community has been hit hard by the pandemic, but St. Mary’s Food Bank has worked tirelessly to ensure that our families do not go hungry,” said Vice Mayor Guardado. “Thankfully, Red Mountain Retail Group is a business that understands the needs in our community and wants to support the efforts of St. Mary’s Food Bank during these challenging times.” 

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